The 10 Best Running Instagram Accounts You’re Not Following

If you’re a runner, you likely follow all the big Instagram accounts already: Shalane Flanagan, Usain Bolt, Runner’s World. No, I’m not going to tell you about those ones. I’m going to tell you about the 10 best running Instagram accounts you’re probably not following yet, and why you should follow them. These are accounts that are real people who inspire me and provide valuable running content. And in no particular order, here they are:

Looking for new Instagram feeds to follow? Here are the 10 best running Instagram accounts that you're probably not following.

Running with Ollie: Lea Genders (also on Lea Genders Fitness) is actually the first person I thought of when I started this list of best running Instagram accounts. She’s a personal trainer and RRCA-certified running coach based in the Ft. Worth area, and in addition to pictures of her dog Ollie, she also provides tips on workouts for runners (tips are mostly on the Lea Genders Fitness account, but Ollie is pretty dang cute, so I follow both accounts).

Bad Ass Autism Momma: Claudia is a marathoner and triathlete – and also the mother of a child with autism. Her posts are authentic and inspiring, and her pictures are full of joy.

Run to the Finish: You might actually follow Amanda Brooks, but if you don’t, you need to. Her feed is definitely one of the best running Instagram accounts; Amanda posts gorgeous running scenery shots and tips for runners in her Instagram stories.

Linda Sig Runs: Linda doesn’t just post about her runs. She posts about her struggles and includes inspirational messages. Linda’s another upbeat Instagrammer that will add value to your feed.

Jess Runs 26.2: Jess is another marathoner that posts a very real look into her training. One of the things I love is that she describes her workouts so you can see what she’s doing in terms of speed work and maybe copy it the next time you run.

Houston Mother Runner: Read all her captions. Her feed is full of her running and looking like a happy gazelle, and her captions are authentic and fun. 

Runny Legs: You probably also already follow Jenny, but if you don’t, head over now! She has a very high-quality photo feed and tells a great story.

Sarah Runs HTX: Yes, it’s another Houston running Instagrammer, and I love following her. Sarah’s pace is close to mine, and she posts honest looks at her running, along with pictures of her adorable baby.

Mat Miles Medals: What draws me to Briana’s Instagram feed is how joyous she is. You can tell how much she loves running in every shot. As a bonus, she posts her yoga poses, which I’m always inspired to try (usually badly).

Run Out of the Box: I saved mine for last. You didn’t think I’d leave my Instagram account of a list of the 10 best running Instagram accounts you’re not following, did you? 🙂 I post my runs, all of them, even the ones that leave me sitting on the treadmill in tears. I post CrossFit-related stuff, and food I eat, and a little bit of my non-fitness life. (My stories are full of the non-fitness stuff, like work, my cat, my coffee habit…)

This won’t be my last Instagram roundup, so readers: who are your favorite Instagrammers, and why?


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  1. These are some cool accounts! I already follow you but I’m definitely giving these ladies a follow! Thanks for sharing. I love seeing other awesome runner’s crush their goals!

  2. thanks for the mention! There were a few on here I wasn’t following yet, so I took care of that! thanks for the recommendations!

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