Dr. Scholl’s® For Her Active Series® Influenster Vox “Box”: Decent Insoles

I originally didn’t think much of the Dr. Scholl’s Influenster Vox Box, mainly because it wasn’t a box. Misleading name, but the Active Series insoles are actually pretty cool. They’re made especially for athletic shoes and supposed to help prevent pain from shin splints, runner’s knee (the bane of my existence), and plantar fascitis. I figured I’d give them a go in my running shoes.

Yup, those are my trusty Nike Zoom Vomeros. They already have a lot of padding (see: knee) and are pretty comfortable. But they’re also passing the 250-mile mark, which means they’re halfway through their life span. So, insoles in, pavement pounded. And the ride was smoother. Not super-smooth, mind you, because the safest place for me to run is on sidewalks, but definitely smoother.

I think they’re keepers and are great for refreshing shoes halfway through their lifespan, so if you tend to run heavy like I do, it’s worth picking up a pair.

I received the Active Series insoles for free as part of the Influenster program in exchange for an honest review.