The Obligatory New Year’s Resolutions Post

It’s December 30, which means that most people (including me) are thinking about New Year’s resolutions. For those thinking about health and fitness goals:

  • Make them measurable. “Lose weight” is a great resolution, but how will you measure it? “Lose 5 pounds every month” is much more measurable (and realistic). My measurable goal is to run my first half marathon in under two hours.
  • Keep them simple. “Eat healthy” is another one of those resolutions that is so ambiguous and doesn’t really mean anything. I actually have an “eat healthy” goal on my resolution list, and it is to eat five baby carrots per day instead of my mid-afternoon handful of tortilla chips, and to drink jungle juice (Romaine lettuce, parsley, lemon juice, water, and carrots pureed in a blender) every day.
  • Give your resolutions actionable items. “Be kinder to people” is nice. “Wipe down the machines at the gym,” “let people work in a set,” and “don’t linger on the weight benches” is even nicer.
  • Add in something nice for yourself. If you’re meeting your New Year’s resolutions,  build in a reward. My “eat healthy” resolution includes making homemade energy bars, so that might be my reward – if I meet my training goals for the week, I’ll get to try a tasty new recipe (which requires ingredients, sometimes pricey).
Above all, don’t be too hard on yourself! Have fun with it. You have 365 fresh days to improve yourself and make changes, and if you slip up one day (miss a training session, eat a giant Oreo sundae), there is always tomorrow. Also, I recommend sharing that Oreo sundae with a dining partner. It’s much tastier when you’re not feeling too guilty about it.