Project Half Update: 8 Miles

Saturday, I did my longest run ever: 8 miles. I’m not going to lie; it was cold, and I spilled water from my water bottle onto my gloves, so I had crunchy ice gloves in about five minutes after the spill.

I did 8 miles. 
A post-treadmill scowl.
I was disappointed with my time, but I reminded myself that I still have a couple months to get faster. In three weeks, I’ve skipped two training sessions: Monday, January 13 was not only the day after a terrible bout of food poisoning but the day I flew across the country to attend a conference in California. I was unable to wake up early enough to go to the gym for my Monday strength training, and when I arrived, I was in no shape to do anything other than rest, go to a business meeting, and go to dinner. Wednesday, January 22, I did my strength training, but I skipped out on my three mile run because it was cold, slippery, and depressing, and I could not bring myself to hit the treadmill two days in a row. But I did finish that 8 mile run, and I’m back training at Conca, which I’m sure will help my speed. I also did finish a three mile treadmill run on Sunday, which didn’t exactly speed by.