Nor’easter Will Not Derail My Training!

It’s been ridiculously cold in New England, bolstered by a two-wave Nor’easter. That meant a foot of snow yesterday and half a foot of snow dumped over night.

It didn’t derail my training.

I still did strength training on Monday and Wednesday, and I still did a hill run and a tempo run on Tuesday and Thursday, respectively. I just had to do those runs on the treadmill. My dirty secret is that I position myself at the treadmill closest to the TV at the gym playing Married… With Children reruns. I probably wasn’t working out hard enough yesterday because I literally laughed out loud every time Al Bundy and Jefferson D’Arcy fell off the roof trying to install a satellite dish.

I’ve also modified my training plan, cutting out the Wednesday run. I’m still doing four runs per week, just not the one on Wednesdays to give my knees a break. Maybe if the weather warms up and the snow melts, I’ll add that one back in, but I figure since I’m strength training at Conca I’m definitely building up endurance and serious strength.

Anyhow. I’m really hoping I get to do my long run outside tomorrow with SpeedyJ. It’s going to be 10 miles. I will most likely be wearing my Ellie Ana leggings since they do a pretty good job keeping my legs warm, along with the 50 Shades of Lime long-sleeve as a base layer under my jacket. Also, I’ve been carrying the Fuelbelt Sprint 10-ounce Palm Holder with Pocket, Arctic Blue (mine is actually pink) on my long runs. I like the pocket in the holder for gels, and it does fit nicely into my hand.

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