February 2014 StrideBox: Love the Run

Wow, that screen grab is silly! I got my February StrideBox (Love the Run), and even though it took longer than usual to get here because of StrideBox’s new shipping carrier, it was worth the wait. Here are the goodies:

  • RiseBar Protein Almond Honey. Yay, a protein bar that isn’t chocolate! This one contains exactly three ingredients: almonds, honey, and whey protein isolate. This is going to be a tasty post-run snack.
  • Pocket Fuel Cold Brew Coffee Energy Shot. I do love coffee, and I do love energy shots, but with 70 mg of caffeine, this isn’t coming anywhere near me before or during a run. I’d hate to find out what it would do to my GI tract as I’m hitting mile 12.
  • Sharkies Turbo Energy Chews, Strawberry with Caffeine. These are total pre-run fuel.
  • Skratch Labs – Exercise Hydration Mix Pineapple. This is going into my water bottle tomorrow to make my tempo run on the treadmill a bit more fun. No more winter, please!!!
  • CeraSport Hydration Drink – Fruit Punch. This one is rice based so that you don’t get the side effects that are common with sugar-based drinks. I’m willing to try it.
  • Mission Athletecare Revitalizing Lip Therapy Gel – Peppermint. Minty and soothing! You’ll see in the video that I had to try it out right away. I have become a total lip balm connoisseur thanks to the cold New England lip-chapping weather.
  • Mission Product Foot Synergy Gel Tube. It’s a foil packet, and I’m annoyed by foil packets. That said, this is supposed to minimize inflammation, pain, and discomfort from running. If my feet are sore after my long run on Saturday, I’ll use it.
  • Safety Clip-On LED Light. This is neat! It flashes or holds steady and clips on to your shoes or belt or zipper pull. Great for pre-dawn runs!
  • Stickers! I do love stickers. This month, I got an “I <3 2 Run” sticker and a mysterious “S” sticker. Super Runner? Do I get a cape? Or is it the new StrideBox logo?
Verdict: As always, a great box, although I’m a little disappointed not to find a gel. Only a little, though, because yesterday I got a drugstore.com order with two boxes of GU gels.