So This Happened This Morning…

Just hanging out.

I like to have fun when I work out, whether it’s singing during my last couple of miles on a run or hanging from ropes after resistance training. I was feeling particularly punchy after my training this morning at Conca, which included three sets of five weightlifting exercises in a circuit and finished off with a sled relay. So handed my phone to one of the ladies and asked her to take a picture of me hanging out (also in hopes that I’ll win a free Ellie outfit!) What I’m wearing: Ellie Electric Love capris, Ellie Be Epic tank from a promo, New Balance Minimus 20v3 shoes for weightlifting (keeps my feet in better contact with the ground for squats while still being supportive), Nike fingerless gloves, and an Under Armour headband.

My favorite this morning? Not the sled relay, although I felt pretty strong pushing that thing. No, it was the barbell bridges.

Yeah, I’m a big dork.