Pit Bulls and Pot Holes and Ice

Photo credit: maplegirlie/flickr

Yesterday’s pre-dawn run was cut really short. Our usual running route was a giant sheet of ice, and we were dodging major pot holes in the road.

But the real fun? Was when a little guy that looked a lot like the picture on the left decided to join us for part of the run. His owner had him out doing his business, and he saw a couple of runners and went trotting up to us. Neither of us were really cool with that; I reached for my pepper spray and slowed down, and so did SpeedyJ. Fortunately, he was a friendly pup that just wanted to say hi and get scratched behind the ears – but we were both so tense from the ice and pot holes that we didn’t have time to appreciate him.

So yesterday? Running on my giant blister? Not bad. Running from a pit bull? Not fun. Impromptu ice skating in running shoes? Really not fun.

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