Fabletics Review: Basics – But Read the Fine Print!

I requested a review outfit from Fabletics, and it arrived on Friday morning. I was apprehensive about ordering an outfit from them, as I detailed in The Fabletics Conundrum, and was pleased that the company is intrigued enough with my blog to send me a review outfit. In a burst of spring-fueled optimism, I chose the Midline outfit, a three-piece outfit consisting of the Oula tank top in black, the Mahe run short in Building Block Print, and the Lille Sports Bra in Blazing Yellow/White. When the weather warms up, I can wear this outfit running outdoors. Until then, I’d have to take it to the treadmill at the gym for a 30 minute tempo run, with a one-mile warm-up and cool-down.

Fresh out of the bags (Clockwise from left: Oula, Lille, Mahe)
First impressions
I was impressed by the overall feel of the fabric of the Oula tank and Lille bra. Both felt like they were made with quality materials. However, I was not impressed by the Mahe run short. While it looks like it breathes well, the liner didn’t seem very hardy, and the mesh shorts felt kind of stiff. Also, the tags are going to have to go; they’re super-long and will definitely be irritating. I also wouldn’t have chosen the yellow Lille for myself; fortunately, Fabletics lets you choose different colors if you’re actually buying the clothes. One cool thing about the Lille is that it has removable pads, and the double-strap styling is cute (but a little confusing to put on!) The Oula is the least interesting, at least in terms of looks, but it feels really soft and probably won’t chafe on long runs.
From the front
And the back


Ok, I’m not super-tiny. Small, yes, but I’ve met plenty of ladies who are smaller than me, which is why having to order an XXS felt weird. I even double-checked my measurements. Yup, XXS. Both the Lille and Mahe come in XXS, but the Oula does not, so I got it in an XS. Oddly, the shorts and bra were a hair too small, but the tank fit great. The tank draped nicely, although it was a teeny bit long on me (I’m 5’1″, and for the record, I wear an XS in Ellie and Old Navy activewear and an S in Under Armour running tights.) The mesh on the Mahe felt a little problematic if I were planning to do squats; it doesn’t seem very flexible. But I’m not planning to do squats in the Mahe shorts; I’m just going to run in them.
Time to hit the treadmill! The inner liner of the Mahe shorts rode up a bit within the first mile. I’ve worn shorts with the boy short liners, and this hasn’t happened to me before. Maybe an XS would solve that problem. It wasn’t wildly uncomfortable, but I don’t like to have to yank down my shorts mid-stride. I was pleasantly surprised by the support offered by the Lille bra – I left the cups in, and there was no bouncing. (Although for what it’s worth, I am very far from being well-endowed. A lady with more on top might not be so lucky.) It being tight definitely helped. And because it was cute, I didn’t feel too weird whipping off the Oula tank (which wicked moisture nicely, but let’s face it, I was working out really hard) after a mile or so on the treadmill. The Oula tank was fine; it was a good cover-up after I was done running hard.
One thing I did notice about the Mahe short is that the building block print looks faded when the fabric is stretched, and if the Oula tank is stretched, it’s see-through. So heads up on the tank if you’re going to wear it tight.
Stretching out the print
Slightly see-through tank

Free-floating thoughts

While the outfit is cute, it’s still pretty basic. I think of Fabletics more in terms of basics because there really aren’t any super-cute pieces that will make someone say, “Where did you get that?!” (I get that with my Ellie Fiji Racer Tank and Malta Capris, and with my Ellie Push Your Limit running capris.) The Lille bra is a standout in terms of looks – I really like the mesh overlay. But I’m not loving the Building Blocks print on the Mahe; the print looks like it’s going to fade easily. And I’m not crazy about the items being manufactured in China.
Also, I got the outfit as a review outfit. It shipped via FedEx Express Saver, which I don’t think is the norm. I’m not a VIP Fabletics member. While the quality is fine, the VIP membership is what gives me pause, and I hesitate to spend more than $25 on any one piece of workout wear unless it’s a real standout.
Bottom line: Please, please, please read the terms and conditions if you’re going to sign up with Fabletics! You must remember to skip if you don’t want to be charged for the month. And be aware that it’s difficult to cancel; you will have to call, and the customer service rep apparently will read through a long script and keep trying to keep you as a member, according to Facebook comments. That’s a big “buyer beware” right there.
That aside, if you can handle the business model and like more basic workout wear, Fabletics might be for you.