If Wearing a Tutu Gets You to Run

Then who are we to judge, especially as this country faces an obesity epidemic? But that’s just what the high-and-mighty SELF magazine editors did. You can read the whole article here: Magazine Makes Fun of Cancer Survivor’s Tutu, but to make a long story short, Monika Allen was asked by SELF if it could use a picture of her and a friend in running tutus, running the LA marathon, in its magazine. Monika, not knowing that SELF was going to mock her, did. And SELF ran the photo in its April issue, with a caption referring to a “tutu epidemic” and making fun of runners in tutus.

I can think of many things wrong with this. The biggest one is Monika ran that marathon while in the middle of chemo treatments. She makes the tutus and uses the proceeds to fund a charity.

And aside from that, did I mention she’s running a marathon? How many of SELF’s editors are doing that? And shouldn’t a magazine called SELF be empowering women, not mocking them?

Look, I don’t wear running tutus – just not my thing. But if putting on a tutu gets women to start running, I am all for it. There is an obesity epidemic in this country, and along with that comes high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and a host of other not-so-fun ailments. And aside from the physical benefits of running, there are mental benefits in spades. Just ask me sometime how running has helped me with anxiety, at least, when I’m not training for a half marathon.

Shame on you, SELF. If you subscribe, I urge you not to renew your subscription and write to the editors. SELF needs to print a retraction and apology, include information about how to donate to Monika Allen’s charity, Girls on the Run – San Diego, and make a hefty, six (although seven would be better) donation. Preferably from the salary of the editor that approved that caption.