Review: Dig Deep Tank Helps Me Dig Deeper

The new Dig Deep tank from Ellie is, quite simply, awesome. From the color to the cut to how soft it feels, it’s a perfect workout tank.

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So let’s break it down. First, there’s the design. The fabric is this pretty lime green stripe, perfect for spring. The front offers a good amount of coverage; the straps are wide enough to hide a sports bra (my choice for today’s workout had slender adjustable straps); the tank is long enough to cover even a low waistband (like in the picture, where I’m wearing my Heartbreaker capris from Ellie.) The white piping is super-cute, although it doesn’t lay flat around the shoulders. I got it in an XS and it felt perfect on my 5’1″ frame.

Then, there’s the feel of the Dig Deep tank. If you own the Catch Me If You Can, you’ve got an idea of how soft this tank is. It feels like cotton, but it’s actually a polyester/spandex blend that wicks moisture. Yet it’s so soft, you’re tempted to sleep in it.
Finally, there’s the function. Again, moisture-wicking is key, but so is not riding up and basically staying in place for a tough metabolic workout (which was this morning at Conca Sport & Fitness, with the tough-as-nails Delilah, who was also kind enough to take the picture above. Side note: Delilah is also a trainer at the Massachusetts Police Academy, so she brooks no nonsense. And we love her for it.) The Dig Deep tank rose to the challenge, making it through squat presses, sled dragging and pushing, kettlebell swings, rainbow ropes, and plank jacks with ease.