Ellie Capri Review: A Tale(pop) of Balance

My latest Ellie workout wear arrived on Thursday! I was very excited and couldn’t wait to take them out for a spin so that I could test them out write my latest Ellie review.

See? Muscles!

I got the Mugu Peak Long Sleeve in Soft Pink, which is very similar to my beloved Catch Me If You Can. This long-sleeved running top features the mesh shoulder inserts that help cool me on long runs, the foldover runner’s mittens that mean I can leave gloves at home on in-between days, and super-soft fabric. The cut is very flattering; the arms are cut so that you can actually see muscles through the sleeves. The color is a really great pink, not bubblegum at all.

Sadly for the Mugu Peak Long Sleeve, it’s finally warming up here in New England, so unless I do a chilly pre-dawn run, I’m going to have to wait to test it. But happily for me, it’s warming up in New England! I ordered it because I ALWAYS need cold weather running tops, and I was so excited to see the same design in a beautiful color. And it really is so perfect, with the contrasting mesh inserts and built-in mittens.

Surprise, I take blurry selfies.

I’m in love with the Ellie Talepop Loop Capris, shown here with the Alter Ego Reversible Tank (from a previous order). I’ve been a big fan of the Alter Ego tank since I got it – the fabric is soft and thick, so it’s forgiving. I also love how I can reverse it. It’s basically two pieces in one, as long as I wash it between workouts. I’ve worn the Alter Ego running and to resistance training.

Now, for the Talepop Loop Capris. Mari has outdone herself with these capris; they are soft and very flattering. I was a little nervous about the horizontal stripes (who isn’t?), but they look really great, and my husband even liked them (and complimented me on how nice they look). I wore them for a double-dipping day of resistance training, then a 3-mile run with SpeedyJ (who complimented me on the cuteness of these capris). They did not ride up or down. They felt great. The other worry I had was the v-shaped dip in front. Again, my abs. But the cut really was perfect and very comfortable.

Relaxing after metabolic training.

Next up are the Balance Capris. I’m in love with the space dye purple fabric. That was what initially attracted me to the Balance capris, but what’s going to keep me wearing them is that they are even softer than the Talepop Loop Capris. I put my workout wear through the paces, and I did not spare the Balance Capris one bit. I wore them to a metabolic training class, full of kettlebell swings, TRX rows, the slideboard, and more. After 45 minutes, the Balance Capris were still firmly in place (that picture was taken after, when I was stretching). The Balance Capris also have that v-dip in the front, which is surprisingly flattering.

Finally, I snagged myself a Willpower Hoodie, and I am blown away by how perfect it is. Once again, this is an item that I initially was attracted to because of the color and thumbholes (my inner 1990s grunge girl approves; my present-day trying to look presentable self applauds). But it is so much more than just a pretty hoodie to wear before and after workouts. It’s soft, it keeps out the wind chill, and the oversized hoodie protects my hair from rain. It’s flattering, from the cut of the sleeves to  even the kangaroo pocket. And Mari does an amazing job with detail; on the Willpower Hoodie, that means pretty silver buttons. It’s bright and cheery and unique, and I’ve worn it as a coverup, to school pick up with jeans, and to the mall the other chilly night with jeans. I could feel the breeze on my arms through the Willpower Hoodie, but it wasn’t unpleasant or cold.

It looks like Ellie as a company is getting back on track with shipping and fulfillment, too. My order shipped very quickly this month, within a couple days of ordering, and I would have had it sooner if Newgistics wasn’t so poky. It’s torture watching my tracking number update, hoping that today is the day my order will be at my local post office and speeding toward me. Also, I don’t think Ellie is using sparkly pink envelopes, which is fine – it’s probably much better for the environment that way, and probably easier for the company since it looks like stuff is now shipping out of Commerce, Calif. instead of Ellie’s Santa Monica headquarters.

Final verdict? Awesomeness.