May 2014 StrideBox: Run Stronger!

I love StrideBox week. For a mere $15, I get 6-7 samples of running supplements, a cool sticker, and sometimes a toy (like a new running belt or shoelaces or blinky lights). (And yes, I pay for my subscription myself. StrideBox has not provided me with any promotional consideration.) For May, the theme was “Run Stronger,” and the sticker was blue and yellow, Boston Marathon colors. (Go Meb!) Here’s what was in my box this month:

Electrofuse Electrolyte Infused Drops. This comes in ampules if you buy retail, and you’re supposed to take one before training or racing.

Enerjel. I got a full size of this muscle rub to try out. You’re supposed to rub it on your muscles to feel energized, and it has a roll-on applicator. It’s a vanishing scent, which is nice, and is endorsed by Big Papi, aka David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox. I rubbed a little on my arm, and it was non-greasy but very strong-smelling. Fortunately the smell dissipated quickly.

CLIF Shot Electrolyte Hydration Pouch, Cranberry Razz. I haven’t yet tried this, but it’s another powder you’re supposed to mix in water to help you power through a sweaty workout. Seeing as how summer is coming and the humidity is rampant here in New England, keeping myself hydrated is a priority on runs both long and short.

Pocket Fuel Nut Butter. I tried this right away. You can’t put nut butter into a box for me and not expect me to jump on it, which I did. It did take a lot of squishing to get it pliable enough to eat, and the flavor wasn’t all that memorable. But in a pinch, for a snack or to keep as a “hypoglycemia fuel” packet in my purse, it would work quite well.

Rockin’ Green Soap – Athletic Wear Detergent. This new product has tea tree oil (to get rid of athletic stink) and is specially formulated to work with wicking fabrics and synthetics. I will give it a go in my next athletic wear laundry load.

Power Bar Energy Bar – Nutty Berry. I was wholly unimpressed with this bar (but glad I tried it!) because it still had that processed flavor so common to these energy bars.

FRS Healthy Energy Chews, Pomegranate Blueberry. I haven’t yet tried these chews, but they are gluten- and caffeine-free, as well as packed with the antioxidant Quercetin. I don’t normally use chews on my runs – they’re a lot of work! – but will sometimes have them before a run to power up.

Of note, there were no toys this month, but there were plenty of things to try, so I’m overall quite happy with the May StrideBox.