Review: FlipBelt Lives Up to Promises

FlipBelt bills itself as the world’s best running and fitness belt, and for good reason. I received a complimentary one for review (I picked the charcoal gray, in a size small, since I want to wear it lower on my hips), and I am a convert. I will never again buy a $10 running belt from TJ Maxx.


I started my search for a new running belt a couple weeks ago. I have one that I got for free in my StrideBox, but it’s a tight squeeze for my phone. The $10 one I have from TJ Maxx is unraveling and bounces like crazy these days. And I can’t run without my phone. I’m too worried that I’ll trip and hurt myself, or I’ll run into some other emergency. SpeedyJ (whom I was supposed to run with this morning, but I foolishly set my alarm for 5 p.m. instead of 5 a.m. and feel like a complete moron for!) has a FlipBelt, and I wanted to try one myself. So FlipBelt sent me one in exchange for an honest review. I have one word: LOVE.

The small fit me perfectly. I shimmied into it, clipped my house key on the little key leash, wriggled my phone into one of the pockets, and turned the openings inward to keep it all secure. You can also wear it with the openings forward or at the top of the belt if you want easy access to your stuff during your run. I did three miles this morning, and that FlipBelt did not move at all. It became one with my capris. Up hills, down hills, a quick sprint at the finish, and it didn’t move. It felt like I was not wearing a running belt at all.

Also, because it’s all one piece, there are no annoying moving pieces. No jiggling zippers, no straps to adjust. It folds pretty small to fit into an overnight bag if you’re going running in exotic locales, and it also seems pretty easy to wash since it’s all fabric (I’d hand-wash it in cold water with Woolite to be on the safe side).

My honest review of FlipBelt? Amazing, and you should totally invest in one if you’re sick to death of other running belts bouncing as you run.