Review: Fabletics Gets Workout Wear Basics Down Pat

First, the disclosure: I received the items I’m about to review from Fabletics as complimentary pieces in exchange for my honest opinion.

And now, the Fabletics review: The Fabletics PR department contacted me to inquire about my interest in trying out some pieces geared toward my fitness activities (running, training for half marathons, weight training). I was game; I’m always up for trying workout wear. I let the ladies at Fabletics select the clothes for me (with the exception of a color request); I expected that I’d get a pair of the Suva running shorts, maybe a bra and a tank. Fabletics sent me six pieces: the Ayni Sports Bra, Rio Run Capri, Lima Capri, Norwalk Tank, Sevan Sports Bra, Leon Tank, and Suva Run Short. After I finished squeaking excitedly, I put Fabletics’ activewear to work.

The Sevan Sports Bra
I’m going to start off with the Sevan Sports Bra. It’s a light support bra without removable cups, and it’s very soft and has a cute neck strap. It’s pretty (I received the Twilight color, a gorgeous deep blue), but it doesn’t offer a lot of support, so I wouldn’t wear it for anything other than low impact workouts like yoga or barre classes, or for lounging around the house. The neck strap helps with the support, but it can also get kind of annoying after a few hours. I’m also really self-conscious (cold rooms are not my friend), so the lack of removable cups in the sports bra was also a downside. However, it was very comfortable to wear on my “rest” day, which ended up being “steam off wallpaper in the kitchen” day.

The Leon Tank and Suva Run Short

Leon and Suva, back
And the front

I took these two pieces on my Saturday morning six mile run. Fabletics absolutely got it right with the Suva Run Short, which I received in the black camo print. The shorts were very lightweight with a great breathable liner. I was completely comfortable in the shorts, and I love (I can’t say how much I LOVE) the camo print. There’s a drawstring on the inside of the waist to tighten them and a tiny, key-friendly pocket as well. I’m definitely converted to the Suva Run Short as a staple in my running wardrobe.

The Leon Tank is very soft and comfortable as well. It’s a great run tank – a bit longish, but I’ve gotten used to clothes running long on me. I liked the bit of mesh paneling for ventilation, and it was fitted but not too fitted. It wasn’t particularly hot on Saturday morning, but I did not feel like I was going to overheat at all. The fabric on this tank is also silky-soft and didn’t chafe one bit.

The Lima Capri and Norwalk Tank


Fabletics sent me the Lima Capri in a charcoal gray and the Norwalk Tank in olive with a camo bra, and I wore them to my resistance training class on Monday morning. The Lima Capri is an awesome basic capri, and throughout kettlebell swings, rear foot elevated split squats, and sled pushing, they stayed put. The capri is flexible and breathable, doesn’t ride up or down, and basically my new favorite capri. I definitely liked the bit of compression the Lima Capris offered, too. I’m giving Fabletics two kettlebells up on these as well.

The Norwalk Tank is long. Like, ridiculously long – if I didn’t use the drawstring to blouse it over, it would fully cover my derriere (see above).  But I did blouse it, and it stayed put after I tied the drawstring, and it looked cute. The attached bra has removable pads (YAY!), and it was definitely supportive enough for weight training and a metabolic finisher at the end. I could also see this tank being good for yoga or barre due to the length and adjustable hem (but in a different color – for some reason, I’d feel weird wearing camo to yoga or barre). All in all, a great tank, and because it’s looser, it’s great for bad body image days.

The Rio Run Capri and Ayni Sports Bra

Rio Run Capri.
Ayni Sports Bra

Since I was doing a shorter run on Tuesday morning, a quick three miles, I figured it would be okay to test out a new sports bra. The Fabletics Ayni Sports Bra is advertised as a medium support bra and features removable cups, and if you’re not well-endowed, it’s perfect for a short run. Really – I definitely thought it was comfortable and supportive enough for a few miles. I honestly don’t care that much about styling with sports bras; I prefer function over form any day, but the straps are cute. I’d also wear this to strength training under a tank.

The Rio Run Capri was a bit baggy around the knees (maybe because I’m short?) But it was still very comfortable. Supposedly there is compression, but I didn’t feel it. I did, however, enjoy the mesh paneling along the side, which provides excellent ventilation. There’s also a back zipper pocket, which I didn’t use since I had my FlipBelt. Overall I was very comfortable on my run.

So my final verdict? I would wear five out of six of the pieces sent to me for working out, and the XS fits my 5’1″, XS in Old Navy, 4 in Lululemon body quite well. (The sizing chart is confusing, so review it carefully!)

I also learned that as long as you make a purchase between the first and fifth of every month, it does count toward your monthly quota, so you don’t have to buy an outfit if you don’t want to.This is good, because it seems like a lot of pieces sell out really fast, and the pre-selected outfits aren’t always available in every size if you don’t log in right away to buy.

And I see on Facebook all the time that folks are complaining about being charged every month after the initial 50 percent off purchase. I can’t stress enough how important it is to read the terms and conditions and know what you’re getting into – if it sounds too good to be true, it deserves further investigation. Fabletics isn’t a scam, but it does require attention. You WILL get billed if you don’t skip months that you don’t want to buy anything. But you can always choose to pay the retail price if you don’t want a VIP membership, which I’ve also heard is hard to cancel because the reps are required to read a long script to try to retain customers. I’d say the retail prices and quality are comparable to what you can get from brands like Nike or Reebok (both of which also manufacture their merchandise outside the U.S., and at least Fabletics, unlike Nike, has never offered large amounts of money to animal abusers).

That said, if you’re looking for some great workout wear, including some awesome basics, Fabletics fits the bill, and for a price point that’s much more affordable than major name brands.


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