Influenster Spring Fling VoxBox, May 2014

So my Influenster Spring Fling VoxBox arrived last week, and in all the chaos of getting ready for a business trip, I didn’t get to unbox it. However, once I did, I was kind of disappointed.

I received:

  • Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara. Ok, this is a good score. I do need some fresh mascara, and I’m eager to try this.
  • Kiss Everlasting French Nails. I’m not excited at all about these. I don’t do press-on or glue-on nails anymore, not since my natural nails grew out when I stopped biting them.
  • Peach pie car air freshener. I also don’t like things dangling from my rearview mirror. I might try this, though, because I do like a fresh-smelling car.
  • Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons. I don’t like to blog about tampons. It’s just embarrassing. No tampon blogging for me.
  • Nivea Skin Firming Hydration Lotion. I’m pleased with this one – unscented lotion is always a good thing, and a useful thing.
Overall, it’s disappointing, but Influenster did send me the box for free in exchange for an honest review.