Fabletics Review: I Feel Fearless at the Hotel Gym

The Fearless.

What? I was traveling? Shocking, I know. Anyway, Fabletics had a deal I couldn’t pass up over Memorial Day Weekend – a complete outfit for $15. Yes, I’d have to join the VIP club, but the Fearless outfit kept calling me. So I did – I ordered my $15 outfit with the full intention of skipping until I needed something new.

I got the Dili short in blue with the poppy-print waistband, the Ayni bra in the poppy print (you can’t see it, but I’m wearing it under the tee), and the Forward tee. The outfit arrived in a week, and I eagerly packed it in my carry-on bag and donned it to do some weight training in the hotel fitness center.

I’ve already reviewed the Ayni bra, and I love how comfortable and supportive it is. And the poppy print is really cute. The Dili short was also comfortable – and not too short! (I’m 5’1″, though, so your mileage may vary.) There are side ties to hike them up if you want to show a little extra leg. I did not. I also really liked the waistband, which was a little higher and held in my loose skin. I didn’t have to constantly pull them down (just once or twice, but I was doing single-leg bench squats and bridges and am a naturally fidgety person).

I’m also a fan of the Forward tee, but more as a casual tee, not a workout tee. It’s mostly made of cotton, which I shy away from. But it’s also really soft and drapes really nicely, and it made a nice cover-up walking to and from the hotel gym. I ended up taking it off (and feeling Fearlessly cute in the Dili and Ayni while working out) because it was so hot.

Bottom line: $15 was a steal. This outfit at $25 would have been a steal, too. It’s cute, it’s comfortable, and I’m probably going to wear it to resistance training at some point as the weather heats up and becomes super-humid around here.

Get your Fabletics by clicking here – you get 50 percent off your first outfit! Just remember to log on and buy or skip between the first and fifth of every month.