Fabletics Review: Volute for Resistance Training

Fabletics Volute: Moro short, Omemee top
Volute, front-facing

Summer in New England means heat and humidity, and that means not melting at the gym. I had a Fabletics outfit credit, so I decided to order the Volute outfit, which is no longer available. And it was a credit well-spent.

The Volute outfit consisted of the Omemee tank, Moro shorts, and a headband. I took it to resistance training, which gets humid, to see if it could hold up to a tough workout. It did, and very well.
The Omemee tank is a fitted polyester/spandex blend with a built-in bra and removable cups. I found it to be plenty supportive, and I appreciated the asymmetrical straps and double-strap detail. I also really like this pink grapefruit color. It’s a great top, and it did a good job of wicking sweat and keeping me cool.

And the back. Note the asymmetrical detailing.

I’ve reviewed the Dili short before, and those are awesome. But I think the Moro shorts have eclipsed Dili as my favorite resistance training shorts. The compression is spectacular! They’re also a polyester/spandex blend, and the inseam is 2 3/4″. The rise isn’t too low, meaning they hold in my loose skin nicely, and they don’t ride up (although I will end up tugging at my shorts in self-conscious moments). I chose the black and white ones, and they’re very subtly striped, which you can’t see as well on the Fabletics website. But I love the stripes.

Finally, there’s the headband. It’s a nylon/polyester/spandex blend, and it stays in place. It’s great quality, and it keeps my head from getting soaked in sweat, so it’s a win-win situation for me. I got the pink grapefruit color, which is different from the pink grapefruit of the Omemee tank.

Close up of the double strap.

Overall, I’m pleased with this outfit. I had also ordered a Moa jacket and Aventura tank, but I sent those back. The Moa is cute, but it’s pretty sheer and doesn’t seem like it will be useful in the extreme hot/cold of New England. Also, the sleeves seemed kind of tight, but the rest fit my torso fine. The Aventura tank’s armholes are too big for me; I just wasn’t comfortable wearing a tank like that. But both are cute – I want to emphasize that – cute, but not for me. 

Oh, yes, time for the awesome offer. You can save 50% off your first Fabletics outfit! Just make sure you read the terms and conditions before you sign up with a VIP membership. It’s easy to skip a month if nothing catches your eye.