Project Half, Part Due: Running for Kitties and Puppies

Today marks Day Two of Project Half, Part Due (Two). I started off yesterday with a tough resistance training session at Conca Sport and Fitness (which is seriously awesome). I felt strong and ready to tackle challenges.

And then I calculated my training paces, based on my last 5K:

Based on your 5K time of 24:49, these are your projected finish times:
Easy Run
10:06 per mile
Tempo Run
8:26 per mile
Maximum Oxygen
7:37 per mile
Speed Form
7:03 per mile
Long Run
10:06 – 11:23 per mile
Yasso 800s
3:54 per 800 meters

That’s an intimidating speed for a tempo run! I laced up this morning (my New Balance 890v3 running shoes that saw me through my first half marathon and are getting ready for retirement, and I wore some Fabletics gear that will be reviewed later), grabbed a bottle of water with an electrolyte tablet, and hit the track. It was hot and humid, and I was able to do a one-mile warmup, no problem. I stretched, then did a decent tempo pace of 8:47 per mile for about 11 minutes. And then I threw up. Heat, humidity, exertion… puke. It happens, right? Which meant I took a few sips of water, then ran for another 9 minutes and completed my 20 minute tempo run, but at a 9:05 pace. Then I walked a lap around the track, stretched, and went home.

Why did I keep going? Because I know my body, and I knew I’d be okay. Because I’m trying to raise money for the ASPCA so that other kitties and puppies can find homes as loving as my kitty had. Because SpeedyJ is running the same half as I am, and it would be nice to finish within 10 minutes of her. And because if I can run 4 miles on a screaming IT band, what’s 9 minutes feeling a little pukey?