Day 3: I Could Be a Running Inspiration

I’d like to think that I could inspire others to get fit and healthy, which is why I shifted the focus of this blog. And today, I was running my three hot, humid miles after strength training, and I passed a girl walking in the park. As I usually do, I said good morning to her and smiled, and she smiled back. And she said, “I hope I can run someday.” I immediately recommended the Couch to 5K podcast from the UK’s NHS as I passed by.

The thing is, that’s where I started two and a half years ago. My daughter was 10 months old, and I was ready to bring my fitness level up, so I downloaded the podcast. And that’s when I fell in love with running. It’s a gentle nudge up to running 30 minutes at a stretch. That, combined with strength training, has brought me to training for my second half marathon.

I hope the girl remembers Couch to 5K when she gets home and checks it out. I hope she downloads it and tries it. I hope seeing me run inspired her, because if I can get off the couch and stop being the original mouse potato, anyone can. Really. You just have to want it.