Boot Camp Run Workout

Turbo-Charged Boot Camp Run Workout

Want to shake up your average run? I adapted this boot camp run workout from an OCR training plan. It’s a great way to add some strength training when you can’t get to a gym or as a travel workout. If you’re training for an OCR, add in this run/boot camp hybrid once a week to build strength and endurance. I like running to a park and completing the boot camp run there. I’ve also led a boot camp run workout down a running trail. We stopped alongside the trail to do the movements.

First, start with an easy run warm up. Ten minutes will get your heart rate up and loosen up your muscles for what’s to come.

Shake up your run with this boot camp run workout. Running | Running Workouts | Workouts

 The Boot Camp Run Workout

It’s time to pick up the pace! Run at a harder effort for four minutes. I’d recommend a 6-7 on your perceived exertion rate. After four minutes, stop, hop off the trail (and out of the way of other runners), and complete:
10 air squats. Try to get below parallel.
20 alternating split squats or front lunges. If your knees don’t bother you, do jumping lunges.
10 pushups. Think of your push up as a moving plank. It’s ok to use your knees if you can’t maintain a solid moving plank position for all 10 push ups.
20 alternating mountain climbers. Try to touch your opposite elbow with the knee moving forward. As a variation, you can also bring your knees outside your elbows.
A 30-second hand plank. Keep your core active during this plank.
Repeat the four-minute run and bodyweight workout sequence two more times (or more, if you’re feeling strong or want more of a challenge).
Cool off with a 10-minute jog back to your starting point.
As always, make sure you hydrate well and stretch your muscles afterward to mitigate any soreness or tightness.