August 2014 StrideBox Review: Run the Day

It’s time to Run the Day – that’s the theme of the August 2014 StrideBox, which was packed with some great goodies!

See? Packed!

Hammer RECOVERITE – Vanilla: I’m always up for trying new protein shakes, and this one has glycine, L-Carnosine, L-Glutamine, and Tyrosine for recovery. And it’s vanilla, thank goodness!

PowerBar Performance Energy Wafer Cookie, Berry Yogurt: Solid food never lasts long in my StrideBox, and this was no exception. It really tastes like a cookie! And PowerBar has included a proprietary C2Max dual source energy blend in it.

Accel 2nd Surge Ultra Energy Gel – PINA COLADA: Who doesn’t want a cocktail on their next run? And this cocktail contains 100 mg of caffeine – but no alcohol.

MRM, Hydration Factor, Natural Citrus Flavor: I do like these packets that add electrolytes to your water. I just keep forgetting to add them! Still, looks good, and citrus is a nice, basic, unoffensive flavor.

SportLegs – Lactate Supplement: I’m definitely curious about this. It’s gotten rave reviews and is supposed to help prevent soreness.

PowerICE Enhanced Frozen Hydrator All Natural Freezer Bars, Pomegranate-Raspberry: Remember those Fun Pops as a kid that you’d put in your freezer and squeeze out on a hot day into your mouth? That’s what this is for replenishing and rehydrating during hot runs, and in grown-up flavors.

LockLaces – REFLECTIVE: Today was actually a perfect day for me to have these (and I still have to thread them into my shoes). While I was running with SpeedyJ, my shoelace came untied, so I definitely need to do something about that. I’ll put them in before my boot camp run tonight.

So, really, I can’t believe I got all this for $15! The laces alone are worth $10. I’m really excited, and I don’t even get referral points for talking about StrideBox. But I love it, and if you’re a runner who likes trying new things in training or the off seasion, you’ll love it too.