When Beauty and Fitness Are Mutually Exclusive

Heaven. But not for my toes.

I’ve finally found a spot where beauty and fitness don’t play well: training. Specifically, running long distances and pedicures. 

I love to paint my toenails. Nothing makes me feel prettier than to have a rich red (OPI’s Big Apple Red) on my toes. When I have bruised toenails, it’s OPI’s Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ. But Saturday, after my long run, my toes were hurting. I knew it wasn’t my shoes; they’re the right shoes and size for my underpronating self. So it had to be something else, and off to the trusty Internet I ran.
Turns out, if I’m running long distances in shoes that haven’t been thoroughly broken in (less than 30 miles), I’m asking for it. So perhaps it was foolhardy, but fortunately my research turned up some ideas to calm down my toes. Namely, remove all toenail polish. Clip my toenails short. Keep them clipped short. Try Thorlo socks. All of which I’m doing, even though I am very sad to see bare toenails. Even though it’s still warm enough for sandals and open-toed shoes, which are now being relegated to the back of my closet. Even though I now desperately need the JustFab Maryna shoes, because they’re awesome enough for girls’ night and date night and are closed-toed.
But if it’s a choice between nail polish and running this next half marathon, and hopefully not having to embrace the suck for the last half of it, I’m going to wear my closed-toe shoes and be happy about it.
Oh, and won’t you donate to the ASPCA? I’m hoping to raise a boatload of money for them, me with my battered toes and crabby knees and rebellious IT band.