Sun(day) Salutations: Lululemon Yoga Class Review

Photo credit: Lululemon Athletica

September is National Yoga Month.  This coincided nicely with my half marathon training, tight hamstrings, and a trip to Manhattan over the weekend, where I was feeling particularly devil-may- care about what others may say about me.  Hence I found myself at the Lululemon athletica store on 66th and 3rd on a Sunday morning, ready to either be judged mercilessly for my stunted downward dog or to enjoy a great class taught by a Manhattan yoga instructor. Happily for me, it was the latter.

The instructor was Sarah Finger of Ishta Yoga, and she led a great Vinyasa class full of poses that I could definitely do or modify: pigeon, Warrior series, chair, plank series, the aforementioned downward dogs, and of course my favorite, savasana. She was very calming, and I’d definitely take a class with her again.

I admit that I did get a little distracted being in the room with a plethora of beautiful yoga pants. In fact, during pigeon, I looked directly at the Wunder Unders and wished I had $90 to blow on them.

I also admit that I was very nervous walking in to a class at an Upper East Side Lululemon. I don’t live on the Upper East Side. I’m not even a New Yorker. And I don’t own any Lululemon pants. But I felt like I belonged anyway; I’m sure that part of that is because of the positive energy radiating from Sarah. The other part is that there were all kinds of people at the class: crunchy older men and women, young women who had plans to go running after. There were people with full wheel poses in their practices and those who could barely hold planks. It really ran the gamut of skills, and I was very comfortable in my slightly more advanced beginner skill level. And not everyone was decked out in Lululemon gear, either.

My ultimate takeaway? I wish there was a Lululemon near me with free yoga classes. I wish I could find a studio with a 6 am class to attend.  I love how the class really forced me to slow down and connect my breath to my body. I really loved how my sore legs felt afterward, too. I think that as I up my mileage past 10 mile long runs, I need to slow down and actually take the time to practice yoga. I think that as I continue to grieve my kitty, I need to connect with myself and let out my negative energy in an exhale. And I will never, ever be intimidated by a Lululemon yoga class again. Neither should anyone else.

Readers, have you ever been to a free Lululemon yoga class? Tell me what it was like in the comments!