September 2014 StrideBox Review: Time to Run

I admit, when I first opened my StrideBox this month, I felt a little disappointed. But then I got digging.

No Opportunity Wasted A3 Nutrition Bars, Peanut Butter and Jelly: I wouldn’t call this “packed” with protein, but it certainly was tasty! I ate this A3 Bar before a 10-mile run through Manhattan, and it was delicious and excellent fuel.

Clif Shot Bloks, Strawberry: I admit that I am wholly unimpressed with chewable sources of energy that lack caffeine. I need caffeine! They’re tasty as gummy snacks, and they are 95 percent organic, so if you don’t mind chewing your energy on the go, get them. I’d take them hiking with me.

GU Energy Labs Original Sports Nutrition Energy Gel, Root Beer: I haven’t tried this flavor of GU yet, but I intend to on my 12-miler this weekend. I do love GU, even when it’s missing caffeine.

BeetElite Neo Shot: It’s supposed to help your body make more nitric oxide to extend endurance and improve intensity. It’s on my list of things to try.

MRM Natural Reload Nutritional Supplement, Watermelon: I received samples of this mixable recovery drink in both watermelon and lemonade. I haven’t tried either. Again, on my list.

SK Energy Extra Strength Supplement, Strawberry Lemonade: Yuck, ugh, yuck. I was able to down about half of this before my stomach started pitching and rolling. The caffeine is way too concentrated in such a little bottle. That said, if you’re drinking energy shots anyway, this is a tasty one, and it’s made with natural caffeine from green coffee beans.

StrideBox – Multifunctional Seamless “Run”dana: I was like, what is this?! And then I opened the package. It’s a very functional tube of fabric that can be worn as a neck warmer, balaclava, head scarf, headband, and more. And it’s got a cool print of runners on it.

Overall? Another box worth the $15 I paid for it.