Another 10 Miles, Another 10 Thoughts

Saturday meant another 10 miles toward half marathon training. It was a chilly morning, so that meant a long-sleeve top with my shorts (I couldn’t find my Fabletics Rio run capris, which I’ve decided are going to be my race pants). It was also a drizzly morning, so I grabbed my hat, wrapped my feet in Thorlo socks, and laced up my Asics Gel Nimbus 15s. Yes, I’m wearing Asics – I need the cushioning that the Gel Nimbus shoes provide, thanks to those high arches and underpronation. Along the way, despite my music (and off-key singing, so I apologize if you heard that and were looking for a cat with its paw caught in a snare), I had a few thoughts during my training run, which of course I’m going to share.

  1. Uh, oh. That doesn’t look like drizzle. (Said at about .2 miles out the door.)
  2. Gosh, I’m going slow. I really hope I can finish that half in under two hours. SpeedyJ is going to smoke me. 
  3. SpeedyJ also does CrossFit. They sprint in CrossFit.
  4. What kind of sassy, sexy call to action can I use for my client? And how can I make it subtle?
  5. Subtlety is not my specialty. I’m a sledgehammer.
  6. Oh, that’s a pretty house! Look at those columns! 
  7. Why is my knee twanging? I stretched! I warmed up! I can’t wait for that foam roller.
  8. Holy crap, that’s a big hill. 
  9. My feet hurt. I’m tired. Can I turn around? (Mile 8)
  10. Oh, crap, it’s really raining! (Mile 9 – where I start running harder and finish with an 8:51 mile.)
So, yeah, I felt kind of slow. My long run training pace is 10:06 – 11:23 per mile, so I was in my target zone. I’m hoping to finish the half marathon in less than two hours, so I’ve decided a 9-minute mile is perfectly adequate for that. Next week is my 12-mile run, my last long run before the half marathon itself. I keep telling myself that I am not nervous. Nope, not one bit. [/yeah right] I also peeked at my breakdown from my last half marathon (The Suck), and I started off pretty strong, so there’s hope, right?