Top 5 Smartphone Fitness Apps (Including BlackBerry Apps!)

There are legitimate uses for smartphones in the gym or working out, and all of those uses involve tracking your progress (not texting your boo a sexy gym selfie). Remember the days when you’d write your workout log or training log in a notebook? With these top 5 smartphone fitness apps, you don’t need to anymore.
The Fitness Games
  1.  WorkoutAssistant (BlackBerry, Free). I love this app. I can keep track of my reps and sets in Workout Assistant and bring my routines to the gym if I’m not doing resistance training at Conca. It’s simple and to the point and includes timers, great for timing your planks or wall sits.
  2. The Fitness Games[1]. Available for Android and iOS, The Fitness Games (TFG) combines gaming, social media, and fitness into an app where you can challenge your friends to work out, as well as post pictures and videos. It’s a really neat concept. I struggled to get the Android version to work on my BlackBerry, but the iOS version worked great on my iPad. One of the cool things about The Fitness Games is that it lets personal trainers send their clients workouts and track their progress remotely. There are also 50 workouts already pre-loaded, so if you want a chest day, you’ve got it right there. There’s a free version and a paid version.
  3. Sports Tracker (BlackBerry, Free). MapMyRun is the favorite of Android and iPhone users, but for BlackBerry 10 users who need a GPS on their phones Sports Tracker does a pretty decent job keeping track of mileage and speed, and it even has an auto-pause feature for when you’re stuck waiting for the traffic light to change. Sports Tracker also has an online component so you can analyze your splits and speed.
  4. Metal Trainer (BlackBerry, Free and Paid versions available). I detest having to buy even more new gear, especially for something I don’t do all that often, like HIIT workouts at home. But when I do, I need a timer. Metal Trainer fits the bill, allowing me to customize my workout time and rest time, rinse, and repeat, and the best part is, I haven’t had to drop $20 on a Tabata timer.
  5. Hydrate. This free smartphone app comes in Androidand BlackBerryQ10 versions – hooray! Basically, you use it to set a goal for your water intake, and it will remind you to drink at set intervals. It’s simple, to the point, and a must-download app for anyone who is serious about health and fitness.

[1] I received the opportunity to review The Fitness Games App through my ambassadorship with Fit Approach. I received the Platinum version of the app to review. All opinions are my own.