Top 6 Tips for Rising and Shining – Wake up, Work Out

Rise and grind! Time to get fit.
As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I usually have a bear of a time getting out of bed, thanks to my addiction to the Kindle app on my iPad. I need motivation to wake up to work out in the mornings, and mantras in my head don’t cut it. I’ve tried a host of things to motivate myself to get up: laying out my workout clothes the night before, using an app on my iPad to wake myself when I’m not in deep sleep, telling myself that 6 a.m. workouts set the right tone for my day. And yet again, today, I’m barely able to get out the door for a 7 a.m. resistance training class.
So what’s a fitness blogger to do? She crowdsources, of course. My FitFluential buddies had some tips for me, some of which go against my very nature, and some of which may help you if you’re struggling to find the motivation to work out in the morning instead of hitting the snooze button.
·         Tamara Grand at FitKnitChick offered the one tip that’s going to be the hardest: minimize the use of electronics after dinner. “For many people, late-in-the-day screen time makes it difficult to fall asleep,” she said. There goes my bedtime Nashvillemarathon.
·         Morgan Shuker of Wildly Fit suggested evening meditation, something that might be a wonderful alternative to the latest cheesy novel I’m reading. “It works wonders for slowing down the body and the brain,” she said. “Meditation separates the day from the night.”
·         Hyedi Cribben Nelson of Finding a Balance recommended that I start getting up 15 minutes earlier at a time to get my body used to the new routine. Much like building up my mileage, it sounds like I’ll be building up my tolerance to waking up when it’s still dark to get in my workouts.
·         Lea Genders of Running with Ollie advised me to take advantage of the end of daylight savings time. “I see it as the perfect opportunity to get up an hour early to work out. Since we just changed the clocks back, your body won’t even notice!” she said.
·         Jennifer Lauren of The Z Beat had an interesting tip that I am going to test out tonight: sleep in a sports bra. She said, “It’s not that big of a deal comfort-wise, and when I wake up in the morning I think, ‘I didn’t go to sleep like this just to hit snooze and skip my workout!’” Definitely a good tip for someone who actually has slept in her running clothes for pre-dawn runs.  Even if I’m not doing one of those, sleeping in my sports bra would definitely get me in the mood to work out from the moment I hear the alarm.
·         The funniest tip came from Kasey Shuler of Veva Health: have a baby. “They wear you out so you have to go to bed early, and are like natural alarm clocks early in the morning. And they love going on walks!” And she’s so right. I loved going for walks with my daughter two weeks after she was born, and she loved being in the bouncy seat when I did the Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 DVD after I was cleared to exercise.

What motivates you to get up in the morning to work out?