NYC Running Route: Over to Queens We Go

One of the things I love about traveling to Manhattan is getting to run in a new place (and playing “dodge the pedestrians” until I get to a spot where I can run straight). This time, I headed over to the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge from Herald Square on a Sunday afternoon (cue Frogger music).

Queensboro Bridge, NYC, a great hill workout
Queensboro Bridge, your hill workout for today.

I know I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: running in New York City does not mean you’re going to have a flat run. This is a city with some gentle hills, especially as you head north and south. Sunday afternoons aren’t great times to run, just because of the foot traffic, but I was antsy and had my running shoes. And so off I went.

Running map NYC: Queensboro bridge, Herald Square
And to Queens I go!
First, getting my Garmin to find a satellite on W. 35th Street was not fun. I walked a bit until my watch finally accepted that I was outdoors. Tourists looked at me, puzzled as to why I was waving my left arm in the air. Then it was time to dodge them, and so dodge I did, up Third Ave. to 59th St., where I cut onto the lower deck of the Queensboro Bridge, aka a hill that breaks hearts on marathon day. It’s a long, slow climb for a lot of pretty views. There’s a separate path for pedestrians and bicyclists, and you can look to the left and see Roosevelt Island as you run over it and toward Queens. And yes, I made it to Queens. I didn’t go all the way down the bridge, but I technically was in Queens before I looked ahead, realized I’d have to come back up that lovely incline, and turned around to head back down First Avenue, past the United Nations and jitterbugging back to Herald Square.
Of note: I did speedwork where I could on the way back: when the sidewalk was clear (i.e., a clear path between pedestrians), I’d sprint to the intersection (and through it, if the light was green). It’s a fun game.