Monday Runday: Fabletics Legging Reviews (And the Rest of the October Goodies!)

With all the chaos in my life (traveling, running my second half marathon), I completely neglected to review my Fabletics October haul, featuring the gorgeous fractal print. Here’s the rundown, starting with some awesome Fabletics leggings for cold weather runs:

Fabletics purple fractal print Salar leggings
Purple fractal print Salar leggings

First up are the purple fractal print Salar leggings from Fabletics. I’m generally apprehensive about leggings because they tend to be too long and bunchy, and I really only wear them a few months out of the year since I overheat like crazy. But with winter coming, it was time.

As with all leggings on my 5’1″ frame, they’re long but manageable. If anything was going to be see-through, it would be the fractal print Salar leggings – but they’re not! They’re completely opaque and completely flattering. They also kept me nice and warm on a 32-degree morning run. The bright print means they go with a bunch of my existing running clothes and are fun to wear.

The compression is perfect, too – just enough to feel strong, but not enough so that you’re spending more time wiggling into the running leggings than you are actually running. Fabletics has scored a hit with these leggings, and I’ll wear them all winter.

Fabletics Camo Nadi leggings
Camo Nadi leggings from Fabletics

Fabletics Camo Nadi Leggings are also perfect for long winter runs. It was 25 degrees on Saturday morning when I donned these to run 6 miles. However, they fit perfectly (long, again, but I’m used to it by now) and stayed in place beautifully. The Nadi leggings also have perfect compression and are definitely going to be a permanent part of my running legging rotation.

I love the camo print from Fabletics, and if you’re lucky enough to snag it, do it. I liken it to urban camouflague, my fatigues for pounding the pavement. Camo is one of those prints that goes with all my bright tops nicely.

Fabletics Charge outfit - blurry selfie alert
Fabletics Charge outfit

The Charge outfit also made it into my life last month. It consists of the gray Tempe sweatshirt and fractal print Camacan capris.

The Tempe sweatshirt is soft and comfortable, and the raw edge of the neckline gives it a sexy Flashdance look. While I wouldn’t wear it working out (see: overheating all the time, to the point where my coach doesn’t blink turning off the heat at the gym if I’m the only one there working out), I will be wearing it to and from the gym and during warmups.

As for the Camacan capris, another thing I’m apprehensive about are capris with big stripes down the sides. These, though, are perfection. The stripes are flattering and add a nice punch of color. The compression is similar to the Lima capris. Overall, the Camacans are another capri hit from Fabletics.

Fabletics Live outfit.
Live didn’t work out.

There was only one outfit I had to send back: the Live outfit. I loved the Salar leggings, but the Hawthorne tank was just too long. Again, I’m 5’1″, and most clothes cut for normal-height people are too long. I took a chance with this one, and while I love the style and the print, it’s just not for me. Fortunately, the returns process is pretty easy: since I had ordered the Live outfit with a credit, I simply hopped on Live Chat with a Fabletics representative, who sent me a prepaid return label by email. I printed it out, re-packaged the Hawthorne tank and Salar leggings in their original plastic bags, and sealed up the envelope. My mail carrier took the package with him the next day. Since I opted for outfit credit, I didn’t have to pay a restocking fee (because I am certainly going to keep buying from Fabletics!)

Overall, October was a great month for Fabletics, and the November selections are excellent. Yes, a review of those is coming too! Want your own Fabletics? Use my referral link and get 50% off your first outfit – just be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions before you sign up for the VIP membership, if you choose it.

Here’s a couple more pictures of the leggings in action:

I'm climbing a fence in my purple fractal Salar leggings.
Purple fractal Salar leggings are also good for climbing.
Bow Pose in the Camo Nadi leggings from Fabletics.
Bow pose in the Camo Nadi leggings and blue Sevan bra.