Refreshing with Resource Water

Resource Natural Spring Water
 Resource Natural Spring Water

I have never reviewed water before. However, Influenster was kind enough to send me Resource Natural Spring Water in my complimentary Influenster Moda VoxBox to review in exchange for my honest opinion, and I was definitely interested in giving it a go, so I brought it to the gym to sip while I did a HIIT on the Arc Trainer (my running cross-trainer of choice).

Resource bills itself as natural spring water with electrolytes, and it comes from natural springs in California and Pennsylvania. The bottle is also made of 50 percent recycled plastic and streamlined.

The taste is crisp and clean. I didn’t think it tasted all that different from other water, but it was a really nice, refreshing, clean-tasting way of hydrating. I would definitely buy it if I saw it on the shelves in my local grocery store (Resource Natural Spring Water is available at most major retailers, and the company also offers a delivery program).