Thanksgiving: The 7 Thankful Days Recap and Being Thankful

Earlier this month, I participated in the Fabletics 7 Thankful Days (#7thankfuldays) challenge on Instagram. And it got me really thinking about what I’m thankful for, both life-wise and fitness-wise.

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Today, I’m thankful for the Conca crew. I really needed the tough metabolic Burn the Bird workout this morning, and it was so fun to have folks from all the different class times come in and work out.
For seven days, I detailed what I was thankful for on Instagram:

  1. My family. I selected a picture of a butterfly that was lounging on the butterfly bush outside our house. The life that I’ve built with my husband is amazing, beyond my wildest dreams, and there’s nothing better to symbolize that than a butterfly.
  2. Accomplishing my athletic goals. Who would have thought that three years ago, I’d actually like running 13.1 miles? But I do! And I’ve completed two half marathons, one in under two hours.
  3. Conca Sport and Fitness. It’s more than a place where I’ve trained hard and had fun; it’s a community of people with the same goal: be healthy and fit, and enjoy the journey.
  4. The ladies that inspire me. SpeedyJ, Run Your Health, T-Fit, CrossFit C, Coach S, Runner Sonny, Coach Delilah, the ladies that regularly get out of bed to hit a tough resistance training class first thing in the morning – all my inspirations. I can’t do it without you guys.
  5. Memories of October 26. The day of the Newburyport Half Marathon was one of the most amazing running days ever. We all PR-ed, and I couldn’t ask for better company.
  6. My determination. There are days I want to give up, put on sweatpants, and go to Applebee’s. But I don’t. I’ve set goals, and I’m going to work toward them, even if it means running in the cold or getting up before the sun.
  7. My back. It’s probably the best place to see progress from strength training, but my back is more than that. It’s how I pick up my kids and stay upright. It took a lot of pull-ups and rows, but it’s been worth it.
What are you thankful for today? Let me know in the comments!