Runner's Gift Guide

Top 5 Budget-Friendly Gifts for Your Favorite Runner

So it’s happened: you’ve drawn the office marathoner for the Secret Santa pool, or it’s your turn to buy for the family runner this Christmas. You’ve got a dollar limit, and you want to get her (or) him something awesome – but can’t spend a fortune.


Don’t worry; Run Out of the Box has you covered. This quick guide has the top five gifts to get your favorite runner, in no particular order. As a bonus, some of these gifts are perfect for your favorite male runner, not just the lady logging her miles.

FlipBelt – World’s Best Running Belt & Fitness Workout Belt – I cannot tell you how much I love my own personal FlipBelt. This thing does not bounce or move during long runs. I wore it during my last half marathon so I could carry my phone and some spare GU, and it did not budge. I forgot I was wearing it. The FlipBelt comes in a wide range of colors, so whether your runner prefers a neutral gray or a neon pink, FlipBelt has you covered.

Pro Compression Calf Sleeves
PRO Compression Socks or Calf Sleeves – I got to test out the PRO Compression Calf Sleeves in Black on a two-mile treadmill jaunt, and they were awesome. I was running faster and feeling stronger than usual, thanks to their compression and general awesomeness. Whether they’re for running or recovering, the PRO Compression products are sure to be a hit. They come in a variety of colors, too, so go wild with the snowflake print or a standard color. Use the code PINK2 at checkout to save 40% – and stay in that budget!

Trigger Point Performance The Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller – This is another item I own and love. It’s portable, so it can be stuffed into a gym bag for race day, and the three different surfaces mean your favorite runner gets the benefits of three types of massage. It’s great for rolling out an achy IT band or achy muscles, and it also comes in fun colors. Who doesn’t like fun colors?

Momentum Athletic Jewelry – You can’t go wrong with a little piece of flair that she can wear to motivate her during a long run. I have a Motivate Wrap that says “Find Joy in the Journey,” and it really doesn’t squeeze, slip, or chafe during workouts and runs. It’s a happy sentiment for her to wear on her wrist.

Fabletics duffel bag

Fabletics Accessories – I would be remiss if I didn’t mention all the cool stuff Fabletics has for runners: a fleece headband with a ponytail hole, the True Gym Bag and the Everyday Tote for race day or gym workouts, jump ropes, and regular hats with pockets. If you’re thinking about treating yourself to a new gym outfit, consider joining the VIP program to get picks sent to you monthly – all you have to do is shop or decline by the 5th to avoid getting charged. You get an outfit for $25, and you get to shop for your favorite runner – it’s a win-win situation!