Workout challenge: are you ready?

New Year, New Workout Challenge – And Tony Robbins!

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” – Tony Robbins

It’s Monday, and for all the moms I know, it means we can get back to our routines. The kids are back in school, and we may have postponed our New Year’s resolutions to run a 5K by spring or even just find a fitness routine. Our New Year begins today.

So, without further ado, welcome to a new workout challenge for the new year, the 10 Day Challenge. Here’s how it works: you can start the challenge anytime this month, but ideally you’ll complete it by January 31. You can do the fitness challenge over the course of 14 days, so you’ll be able to throw in a few rest days.

Here’s the pinnable and printable image of your new workout challenge:

Try this 10-day workout challenge to jump-start a fitness routine or shake up a stagnant one.
You can use these moves to start a new routine or incorporate the workout challenge moves into your regular routine. For example, on Day 1, you could go for a short run or a walk, then do the challenge moves listed. Or you could do several sets of the moves – it’s up to you. This is your workout, and you can customize it to your fitness level. These workout challenge moves are all body weight moves, so you don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment. If you’re feeling really ambitious, complete the challenge twice this month. Use it to jump-start your fitness resolutions and avoid crowded gyms at the beginning of the new year.
Whether you’re just starting a fitness routine or want to try something different, give this challenge a shot – as long as you’ve been cleared by a doctor, that is. Let me know how you’re doing! I completed it, and it was a fun way to add an extra something to my gym routine after the holiday festivities.