Conquering Cold and Flu Season With Hyperbiotics Immune: Review

We’ve been in a deep freeze in New England for the past few days, with very little relief in sight. That means we’re spending a lot of time exposing ourselves to other peoples’ germs in confined spaces. Even though my immune system is pretty strong from working out regularly, and I work from home (thereby insulating myself from workplace germs), I can still pick up a nasty cold or flu from my walking petri dishes (kids) or from the gym, especially since I’ve had to take my runs to the treadmill this week.

Fortunately, Hyperbiotics sent me a bottle of Hyperbiotics Immune to test, and just in the nick of time. I was sneezing a bit and feeling sniffly.

Hyperbiotics is an all-natural tablet that combines probiotics, time-released vitamin C, zinc, echinacea, and something called EpiCor, a fermented yeast that strengthens your skin and mucuous membranes, stimulates immune cells, and supports T-cell and B-cell immune functions. There are no strange additives, and because it’s a tablet, you don’t have to slug down a fizzy drink.

I like Hyperbiotics Immune quite a bit. The bottle came just as I was starting to sniffle, and the cold that was threatening to manifest itself did not after all. It tucked its little tail between its legs and scurried off. The effect of using it, just as directed (2 tablets daily), was similar to what happens with Zicam, except I didn’t have to shove coated Q-tips up my nose.

Final verdict is that I’m going to keep a bottle handy during cold and flu season every year, and take extra on my next flight.

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