January StrideBox Review: This Year I Will Race in the ______

I was surprised when I got a shipping notification from StrideBox. Turns out I had paid through January, so I eagerly awaited my very last box. I had my fingers crossed that the new, improved StrideBox would wow me.

January StrideBox Review

I’ve got to say, I’m a little on the fence. The new Stride Guide card is pretty awesome; it now tells you when to use the goodies: before, during, or after a run. However, I’m not sure about the box itself:

  • Detour Smart Nutrition Bar, Blueberry: Gluten-free, organic whole grain, and naturally sweetened – this sounds like a win to me. There’s also 10 grams of whey protein in here, and the Stride Guide says they’re perfect for before or after a run.
  • Gatorade Gatorlytes: I’ve realized that I’ve maybe had two of the powdered electrolyte drinks that come in my StrideBox. Anyway, the Gatorlytes are made to be combined with a sports drink and are good for salty sweaters and those who tend to cramp.
  • Designer Whey Protein 2Go Drink Mix: I’m hesitant about the taste of anything from Designer Whey; I bought a big cannister of the vanilla whey protein, and the taste is what made me finally switch to Isagenix. No joke. Anyway, this drink mix has electrolytes and 10 grams of protein and can be consumed during or after running.
  • GU Recovery Brew Premium Protein Drink Mix, Srawberry Watermelon: I am actually loving all the protein products in this box! I’m looking forward to trying this, since I already love the taste of GU products. Seriously, no joke. The  Vanilla Bean flavored gels are amazing.
  • Nuun Energy – Cherry Limeade: I’m a little afraid of the flavor, but electrolytes, B vitamins, and caffeine sound like a good boost pre-workout or during a workout.
  • 2Toms Blister Shield Packet: The only time I’ve ever gotten a blister, it was when I ran through a puddle less than a mile into a 10-mile run. It’s supposed to create a frictionless surface on the foot to reduce heat buildup that can lead to blisters.
  • StrideBox Mini Training Log: Yeah, I use TrainingPeaks’s free version right now and don’t use paper logs. Does anyone use paper logs anymore? Cute, but not necessary.
  • StrideBox Safety – Stridelights: These motion-activated lights get laced into your shoes and flash when you run. They’re kind of cool. Ok, these are a good score because I’ve learned reflective laces don’t always lace smoothly and require extra tugging.
  • StrideBox – Temporary Tattoo: Until StrideBox starts sponsoring me, I’m not going to wear their logo, and that goes for temporary tattoos. This actually put me off – and I know it’s silly, but it’s such a waste. I’d rather have stickers (there was one enclosed) than temporary tattoos.
Final verdict? On the fence. Do you get StrideBox? What did you think of the January box?

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