January 2015 Bulu Box Review: Underwhelming – and Magnetic Poetry?

Because I paid for a 3-month subscription to Bulu Box, I’m stuck receiving a January box and a February box. I was moderately underwhelmed by December’s Bulu Box, and January was even more of a letdown.

January Bulu Box. Verdict: underwhelmed.

So I don’t know what it is with subscription boxes these days, but I am waiting to be wowed by them. This one didn’t wow me. Here’s the rundown:

  • Magnetic Motivation: The last time I had magnetic poetry on my fridge was well before I had children. Tiny magnets? No thanks. Plus, I have enough on my fridge already: grocery lists and artwork and newspaper clippings. Honestly, I’d rather have a sticker to put on my iPad case.
  • The Gummies Co. Raspberry Ketones: The card inside my Bulu Box said I was getting Vitamin C gummies, which would have been much cooler. Instead, I got these gummies, and as we know, a pack of two (a single serving) isn’t enough to gauge an “increased metabolism” claim. I did taste them, and they didn’t taste bad. However, they did make me feel a little lightheaded and woozy.
  • FLYJOY Snack Bar, Coconut Almond: I love the idea of these bars. They’re packed with flax, oats, chia, and quinoa, and they also have fiber, Omega-3s, and protein. But when they’re talking about “one of a kind taste,” it’s more like cardboard than coconut almond. Also, the bar was really hard, and I was chewing a lot to consume it.
  • Miracle Tree Organic Moringa Wellness Tea: I keep meaning to consume tea, I really do. But I have a feeling these two teabags are going to sit in a box keeping the rest of my teas company. 
  • Coconut Organics Coconut Chips: I never buy coconut chips because my husband is allergic to coconut. I tried a few of these, and they were pretty bland. I guess if I added them to yogurt, they’d be tastier, but I didn’t want to risk contaminating the kitchen.
  • UMPH! Pre-Workout: This, Bulu Box, is why I subscribed. The fact that there is one sad little pre-workout sample in this box speaks volumes about how the box isn’t really geared toward fitness anymore. 
  • Berry Sleepy: As an insomniac, I was excited to try this, but disappointed that it’s not a pre-workout or post-workout supplement. The three superfruits in these capsules did not help me fall asleep, either. Another letdown.
Do you get Bulu Box? What did you think?