Meal Prep Blasts Away My Excuses

It’s the last week of the Sweat Pink #NoExcuses challenge. I’ve been chronicling some of it on Instagram, and today I’m posting a photo that really embodies the No Excuses journey for me this year.

Meal prep wipes away all my excuses. #NoExcuses, no mercy!
That, my friends, is my breakfast/lunch/snack meal prep for this week. It consists of:
  • Preworkout (first thing in the morning): A banana or protein truffle (in the pink box)
  • Post-workout breakfast: Isa-Awesome shake with Isagenix IsaPro, IsaGreens, PB2, and almond milk
  • Morning snack: baby carrots, hummus (not shown)
  • Lunch: brown rice, broccoli, and pesto chicken, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese after heating
  • Afternoon snack: Greek yogurt
I eat dinners with my family and plan those in advance, too, but there’s more flexibility. I’m trying to blast away my excuses for thinking that tortilla chips and spinach dip count as lunch. PRs are made in the kitchen; if I improve my nutrition, I improve my running, my lifting, my dancing (more on that later!), my skin (psoriasis), and my life. And if I prepare my meals in advance, using simple, healthy ingredients, there’s less of a chance I’ll eat a bag of Oreos while my kids are in school.
What are you doing to end your excuses?