Snagging Some Isa-Awesome This Month – and a Giveaway!

February marks the first full month of me using IsaPro from Isagenix, and I can’t say enough how much I love it. This month, I decided to pick up a few more goodies, some to replace what I already use. Here’s how it stacks up:

Isagenix IsaPro Whey Protein, Isagenix Greens, t+ Chai, Essentials for Women vitamins
IsaPro Whey Protein: I’ve been using the IsaPro protein powder for a month already, and I have noticed a difference. First of all, it smells like cake and tastes amazing – none of this gross powdery chemical taste. I love that it’s made from happy, grass-fed cow milk, too. I also feel stronger now that I’m taking IsaPro and have noticed some leaning out as well.
Isagenix Greens: I used to take a greens supplement that I’d mix in with my protein shakes from a certain chain supplement store that shall not be named. It was disgusting, and I’d end up choking it down. Not so with Isagenix Greens: the taste is subtle and does not affect the flavor of my post-workout shakes.
Essentials for Women: I take a women’s multivitamin anyway, and it made sense for me to try Isagenix’s version. So far, so good. I know that, because it’s from Isagenix, it’s full of vitamins, not crap, and the pills are smaller than my old multivitamin.
Isagenix t+ Chai: I love relaxing with a cup of tea in the afternoon. What makes t+ Chai better than a regular cup of chai is that it has adaptogens, which help reduce stress. Sign me up for that – actually, I already did.
Wondering how you can get your own Isa-Awesome? It’s easy. Either buy it here:

And/or, you can enter to win a completely awesome Isagenix sample pack, complete with your very own shaker bottle.
Isagenix 5-piece sample pack with shaker bottle
This giveaway includes one Isagenix shaker bottle, a packet of t+Chai so you can experience the adaptogens, Want More Energy? healthy electrolyte replacement mix, IsaDelights chocolate, and two delicious IsaLean bars. Enter today in the Rafflecopter widget below!

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