Snow Week: 10 Thoughts on a 10-Mile Treadmill Run

I wasn’t too happy on February 2 when that little rodent, er, groundhog saw his shadow, but he’s been wrong before. After all, he’s just an overgrown rat, right? Meanwhile, in New England, it’s been snowing fiercely, meaning that all my runs are on the treadmill. Speedwork, long runs – all treadmill. I had a 10-miler scheduled for Saturday morning, and I was dreading the treadmill.

Snow in New England. Not pretty.
With snow like, that, outside just wasn’t an option. So here’s what I was thinking:
  1. Good thing I have my iPad. I can watch some presentations that I’ve been neglecting.
  2. Oh, God, this presentation is boring.
  3. Why is that dude getting on the treadmill next to me? There are like 10 other treadmills!
  4. Oh, no, honey, that’s not how you use the leg press machine!
  5. One more mile, and I can have a Vanilla Orange Roctane! Oh, that’s going to be so yummy.
  6. Woo, I’m over halfway done!
  7. Ok, one more mile, and I’ll pick up the pace to half marathon goal pace.
  8. Oh my God, I can’t sustain this pace for 13.1 miles! I’ll die.
  9. Roctane. I love you!
  10. Last… mile… why is he curling in the Smith machine?

And done! I survived because I prepped: iPad with downloaded presentation videos, plus my iPod and music, because the presentation wouldn’t last my whole run.