Snow Week: February Fabletics Review of Buttery-Soft Capris and Casual Coverups

Yep, still snowing. As I’m writing this, flakes are drifting down from the sky here in New England. The weather forecast is for “nuisance” snow, i.e., just enough to make you mad, but not enough to require the snow thrower. This gloomy gray weather is exactly why I seized upon Fabletics‘ cheerful February prints, to push me through zero-dark-thirty wakeup calls and dreadmill runs.

Fabletics Review: Salar capris, Weston pullover, Aruba wrap
This month’s haul included the Aruba wrap, pink impulse print Salar capris, Weston pullover, and turquoise space dye Salar capris. I’m pretty much in love with every piece, but for different reasons.
Fabletics Review: Aruba wrap and Salar capris
First up, the Aruba wrap in gray and the pink impulse Salar capris. In the picture above, I’m actually explaining how the Fabletics VIP program works to my friends. I wore it to the Build Your Own Circuit class Tuesday, and it was perfect for what we were doing, which was mostly learning with a few moves thrown in for demonstration purposes. The Aruba wrap is super-soft and really cute, and I could see myself wearing it with skinny jeans and ballet flats as well. However, it does run large, so go down one size if you prefer something more fitted. 
Meanwhile, the Salar capris are very soft and comfortable, even more so than before, probably because Fabletics changed the sizing a bit on the XXS and XS (I’m an XS). The Salars just feel better. I wouldn’t wear this print to a sweaty workout because it’s light-colored and therefore more likely to show heavy sweating, but I would wear it to yoga, barre, or an upper-body training session. The entire outfit is something I’d wear casually. How cute would it be on a warm day with Skechers Bobs Slip-On Flats in gray and a delicate gold necklace? Errands, playdates, I’m ready for you!
Fabletics Review: Salar capri and Weston pullover

My other outfit is the North Shore outfit, which has the gorgeous turquoise space-dye Salar capris and Weston pullover. I immediately put it on and bused out a dolphin pose, I was so happy. The Salar capris are buttery soft. Like, I could sleep in them soft. Again, they have less compression now that the sizing was changed, but they are still amazing. I wore them to resistance training and didn’t have to pull them up or fiddle with them at all, and the color is so vibrant.

The Weston pullover is my new favorite casual sweatshirt. It features mesh paneling on top and a cutout back, so it’s perfect to layer over a really cute workout tank or a ballet leotard. In fact, it’s my new favorite ballet to/from coverup, and the fabric is thick and very high quality. The 90s grunge girl in me gives two enthusiastic thumbs up to the thumbholes, always a nice touch.

My verdict, once again, is that you can’t go wrong with Fabletics! The best part of VIP membership is that you get these amazing prices on quality workout wear, and as long as you remember to skip by the fifth of the month (if you don’t see anything you like), you don’t get charged.

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Already a customer? Did you order this month? If so, what’s your favorite piece or outfit?
Disclosure: While I do receive free outfits from Fabletics for completing challenges, all opinions are my own. I am not being compensated for this review, nor did Fabletics request that I review these outfits. Technically, I am a VIP member of the Fabletics program.