February 2015 Bulu Box Review: Really?

My first reaction to the February 2015 Bulu Box was relief: I’m so glad this one is my last, and upon opening it, my initial reaction proved to be correct.

February 2015 Bulu Box
Yes, those are just five little things to try. Yes, that rip in the tissue came with the box. What didn’t come in the box was a card explaining what each of these goodies are, so I’m going to do my best:
  • Dollar Shots Club: I’m basically staring at one of those energy shots packed with caffeine that you find at the checkout at a gas station. You know, the ones that make people jittery. 
  • Met-Rx ISO 20 Gels, Fruit Punch, 4.3 Ounce: 20 grams of protein in a fruit punch-flavored gel, perfect for post-workout. Now this is what I’d expect in a Bulu Box!
  • Cellucor C4 Extreme Pre-workout W/NO3, Green Apple: Another item I’d expect to see in a Bulu Box! Even better, there are two servings in this little pouch.
  • Vita Perk: I got two samples of Vita Perk – one vanilla and one energy with extra B vitamins and guarana. You’re supposed to add it to your morning joe for an extra kick.
  • Balance Bar Bare, Mixed Berry Nut: Yes! A gluten-free, non-GMO healthy nibble.

Verdict: Three items I’m excited about, one I’m not, and one that might be interesting. But there was no card and the tissue was ripped and water-damaged. Really, Bulu Box?