Finally, I Ran the Brooklyn Bridge

As part of my New York adventure last week, I wanted to run the Brooklyn Bridge. Actually, I also wanted to run the Manhattan Bridge, but due to time constraints, ran back and forth over just the Brooklyn Bridge.

Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge

First, I wasn’t feeling 100 percent. A stomach bug from Monday was still lingering. Add in below-freezing temps and a few snowflakes (not enough to stick, but enough to annoy me because, well, snow in March), and I wasn’t thrilled. I was, however, happy to have my Fabletics Nadi leggings and Toronto jacket, a pair of tech gloves from Old Navy, and my Under Armour headband that covers my ears. That kept me warm.

I was mildly apprehensive about running on wood, and really apprehensive about sharing the path down the middle of the bridge with cyclists. However, it was a gorgeous run. I started in City Hall Park, and as I crossed I could see the river and little bits of Brooklyn. When I turned around on Tilson Street and headed back into Manhattan, I could see the skyline and the Freedom Tower, and my heart just swelled. Whenever I run in a new area, I’m always so grateful that I can, that I have the strength to move my legs and experience something on foot.

It was a great run, seriously. I’m glad I’ve checked it off my list, and I hope I’ll get to do it again. As I like to say, the best souvenirs come from my Garmin.

Brooklyn Bridge run satellite image