Why the Klingons Are Very Motivating

To understand life, endure pain. -- Klingon proverb

Today is the last day of my #StrongWithFabletics blogging, and I’ve chosen this picture of me stretching with my oh-so-fun stretch strap, which I use after warming up with a series of plies and tendus to get a deeper stretch and improve my flexibility for ballet.

I chose a Klingon proverb because, in a way, I admire the Klingons. They don’t put up with anything from anybody. They warrior on in, do their thing, and lay the naysayers to waste. And “to understand life, endure pain” is very apt for me. I’ve endured pain in my workouts, whether it’s just soreness or actually injuring myself (see: end of 2012/early 2013, running injury). I’ve endured mental pain, more than I care to admit. I chose ballet as this last picture because, for the longest time, I turned away from it. Ballet caused me emotional pain. I thought I might have lost it forever.

And then, my daughter said she wanted to do ballet. She twirled; she tried to imitate her friends’ moves. I enrolled her in classes, and let me tell you, getting her fitted for her very first pair of ballet slippers tugged at my heart. I didn’t want to project my lost dreams onto her, so as I watched her learn first position and plies and stretching and movement, I enrolled myself in adult ballet classes. I’ve since had to give them up, temporarily, while my life roils on. But I will always, always be grateful to my teacher, Miss Louise, for giving ballet back to me.

Some people find their calm on a yoga mat or meditating. For me, it’s at the barre, even a makeshift barre in my bedroom.