Fit Snack June 2015 Review: You Can’t Go Wrong With Protein!

I’m finally settling into my new home in the Houston area (yes, I am now officially a Houston-area health and fitness blogger, B2B technology copywriter, and resident – I may not be a Texan by birth, but I am a Texan by choice!). Before the U-Haul was loaded, I received a complimentary Fit Snack box to review.

Fit Snack box for review
The Fit Snack box was packed with goodies:
  • Safe Catch Tuna: BPA free, non-GMO, and tested for mercury levels. This sounds like a delicious winner to me.
  • Muscle Pharm Protein Powder: As someone who regularly drinks protein shakes, this Vanilla Chai FitMiss powder looks like a great alternative to a gooey chai latte.
  • IPS Egg White Chips: I didn’t eat the barbecue; I have those to my 8-year-old, who didn’t even notice that they weren’t potato chips. 
  • Bear Naked Granola: While the coconut curry one was a little strange, I haven’t yet tried the other flavor. Bet it would be delicious mixed into yogurt.
  • Coco Hydro Powder: Hydration is critical in the hot, humid Texas climate.
  • Bite Fuel Protein Cookies: These disappeared really fast. They were absolutely delicious, gluten-free, and hard to hide from my kids.
  • Sweetwood Cattle Spices – V Hab: This vanilla habanero spice, with all-natural ingredients, added the perfect mix of sweet and spicy to my sweet potatoes in my lunches. Now where can I buy this? The website wasn’t working, and I wanted to get it for my mother-in-law, who was fascinated as she helped me organize my spice rack.
  • One Bar Fruit Bar: This edible stick of tastiness was like the fruit leather I used to eat as a kid, but much better and with a lot less sugar
  • Big Tree Farms Coconut Sugar: I’ll have to be careful with this, since my husband has a coconut allergy. 
The verdict: Another excellent box! I’d be pleased even if I paid for it. Want yours? Click the banner below to sign up and get a free gym bag, to boot.