CrossFit WOD Tracker: Staying Fit, Road Trip and Moving Edition

CrossFit WOD Tracker: Staying Fit, Road Trip and Moving Edition

As I’ve alluded to in a previous post, I’ve moved. And it wasn’t just a two-towns-over kind of move; it was a full-on, 1,800 mile trek from Western Massachusetts to Houston. We packed up a U-Haul, stuck my car on a trailer, and started our four-day journey southwest.

Working out is my sanity-saver, and nowhere did I need that more than during the journey. Since I didn’t want to run in unfamiliar small towns, right off the Interstate, and since motel gyms are pretty useless, I had to come up with some portable workouts that could be done in the parking lot or in a quiet corner of the room.

I downloaded a couple of workouts to my phone: a do-anywhere CrossFit workout from Women’s Heath, for example, that uses body weight exercises like jump squats, pushups, burpees, and butterfly situps. But obviously repetition is my enemy, so I started looking for some other things I could do.

Oh, another requirement? It needs to run on my phone, a BlackBerry Q10 that’s ripe for upgrade. Fortunately, BlackBerry’s latest OS upgrade allows me to download apps from the Amazon App store for Android. That’s where I found this:

My desire to join a box is strong. But until then, the CrossFit WOD Tracker is fitting the bill. Here’s what kept me on somewhat of a routine during the trip and the move:
CrossFit WOD Tracker, Travel WODs


Yes, those are travel WODs that you can do in a parking lot or in your hotel room. There are 26 different travel WODs you can do that incorporate body weight exercises and sprints – all you need is a little space or a parking lot with a place to stop and do pushups or squats.

When I arrived at my destination, one of the first things I did was go for a run. But I can’t run every day, and I haven’t yet joined a box. This is where CrossFit WOD Tracker is also coming in handy for a three day a week boost to my training. It pulls in feeds from a bunch of different boxes around the country. I’ve been modifying the workouts from CrossFit headquarters to suit the equipment that I have and the exercises I know. For example, one of the workouts this week was Marco. I don’t have a barbell, and I am still working on kicking up to a handstand, so my Marco looked like this instead:

3 rounds for time:

  • 21 jumping pullups
  • 15 pike pushups
  • 9 dumbbell thrusters
I’m basically in love with this app! It’s giving me great workouts I can do at home with what I’ve got, and three days a week of home CrossFit plus three days a week of running is perfect for now. I’m also adding yoga and cycling into the mix, with hopes of swimming too. I used to be a pretty good swimmer as a kid, before my vision got bad. But now that I have soft lenses and goggles, I should be able to pick up where I left off – slowly, but with some decent technique.

Anyway, download the CrossFit WOD Tracker if you’re looking for home and travel workouts. It rocks!

Note: I was not compensated in any way, shape, or form for this review! I found this app in the Amazon store, and since it’s free, I downloaded it to try – and loved it.