Review: BlazeBands Good in Theory, Not in Practice

With all the complicated running gear I own, I was hoping that the simplicity of the BlazeBands reflective ankle bands would make staying visible an easy task. In theory, they’re fantastic: they’re reflective, they fasten with Velcro, and they’re lightweight.

BlazeBands Review: They're actually not adjustable

I received a complimentary pair of BlazeBands in exchange for an honest review. Here’s the good about them:

  • Extreme, bright light reflectivity. The tape is rated at 400 cd/lux, for those of you that geek out on specs.
  • Easy Velcro straps. You just wrap these around your wrists or ankles, secure them, and go.

However, BlazeBands are touted as being fully adjustable. That’s just not the case. The Velcro straps are fixed, and being a small person, they were just too big for me. That said, anyone else would probably benefit greatly from them. I love the concept, and I hope Atopio will make BlazeBands in different sizes. They’re a great idea, and they’re very uncomplicated. But I couldn’t wear them comfortably, as they slipped around a lot.