July Fit Snack Box Review: Nut Butter and Protein Bars and Delicious

July Fit Snack Box: Endurance bites, granola, popcorn, nut butter, energy chews and more
Getting my Fit Snack box every month is like getting a Christmas stocking, all packaged up in a box that I can reuse to store office supplies or photos or my burgeoning collection of headbands. For July, my box was packed with snacks that disappeared all too quickly:
  • Yummari – Organic Endurance Snack Bites Cranberry: Admittedly, these haven’t been eaten yet. What I like about these is that they’re organic and gluten-free. Also, a cool fact: Yummari is a dance that the Rarámuri people do to ward off evil and bring in good luck.
  • Columbia County Flax Granola: This granola was developed with author Lyn Genet as part of the book “The Plan,” so the usual culprits that make granola unhealthy have been replaced with flax seed, molasses, and spices. What I like is that the granola is anti-inflammatory, something that I appreciate since I try to avoid inflammatory foods like nightshades and gluten. Oh, and it’s tasty – I’ve eaten it as a cereal with soy milk.
  • Skinny Pop Popcorn: Gluten-free, no GMOs, and no preservatives may not sound delicious, but this pre-popped popcorn puts Smart Food to shame. And at only 100 calories a bag, it’s perfect to much on while trying to come up with my latest lines of snappy copy.
  • Justin’s Nut Butter – Maple Almond Butter: I’ve tried Justin’s Nut Butter before, but not the maple almond flavor. It’s sweet, definitely, but in a good way. There are exactly four ingredients, all non-GMO: dry roasted almonds, maple sugar, organic palm fruit oil, and sea salt.
  • Honey Stinger Energy Chews – Lime Aid: I admit that I haven’t eaten these yet, either. I want to experiment with my fueling strategy, and I haven’t experimented much with chews. I’m waiting for the humidity to ease up before I push into long (7+ mile) runs again. (As an aside, my running group has informed me that this summer is more humid than normal.)
  • Level Life Protein Bars – Double Chocolatey Chip: You’re not going to believe these are for diabetes management, but they are – and with my family history, I don’t joke around about diabetes. With 12 grams of protein, 6 grams of fiber, and 140 calories per bar, they’re an awesome snack.
  • Trophy Nut Roasted Peanuts: Peanuts are like my kryptonite, and these were so tasty! Trophy Farms uses some kind of natural roast process, which really brings out the flavor.
And there was a “bonus” item, which seemed a bit out of place: Musclewerks Detrim Capsules. I am not a pill person, and I’ve had really bad experiences with fat burners (i.e., I broke out in a rash, and I had some pretty serious GI distress). Since I didn’t want a repeat performance, I didn’t try these – and honestly, I’m really glad there were so many other great things in the box so that I didn’t feel like it was wasted space.
As always, Fit Snack included a card with product information on one side and a workout on the other. The workout was Lower Body Outdoor Plyos, perfect for a morning at the park and requiring no equipment whatsoever.
Final verdict: Another great box. Thank you, Fit Snack! Sign up for yours here and get your free gym bag:

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