September Fit Snack Box Review: Nibbles & Noshes

September Fit Snack Box Review: Nibbles & Noshes

September’s Fit Snack subscription box was definitely about quality over quantity.
September 2015 Fit Snack Box full of tasty snacks
There were only seven items this month in the Fit Snack box, but each healthy snack packed a pretty awesome punch.

TRUProteins Dark Cacao Natural Whey Protein Powder comes from Australian grass-fed cows. It’s non-GMO and doesn’t have artificial ingredients or harmful filters. As a bonus, drinking it is like drinking a rich, delicious glass of good dark chocolate.

Wilde Boldr Co. Premium Lean Meat Snack Bar (Maple Bacon Blueberry) is an amazingly delicious, high-protein, savory meat bar with only 100 calories. They’re gluten-free and made from meat that’s raised without hormones or antibiotics.

Tosi Superbites, Almond are crunchy, tasty granola-like snacks (little formed bites of goodness) that pack in almonds, flax seeds, chia seeds, and sesame seeds and are sweetened with cane juice and tempered with a little salt. I didn’t think I’d dig these, but they were pretty good.

Amara Sports Drink, Coffee Berry and Pomegranate is made out of 100% raw fruit and contains electrolytes and 150mg of caffeine to get you going, extracted from the CoffeeBerry (I didn’t know there was such a thing!) It’s also the official drink of The Paleo Diet.

MHP Protein Brownie is a pretty decent snack if you’re craving something sweet. They’ve got 190 calories, 15g of protein to keep you feeling full, and 5g of fiber – and gluten-free, yay! And the taste isn’t sickly sweet, but there is that tiny protein bar flavor in there.

ips Protein Chips, Aged White Cheddar are made with egg whites, not potatoes. You have no idea how much I miss potato chips since I went nightshade-free (and chips really aren’t worth cheating with), so these are a great substitute. Really, they don’t taste eggy, and they’ve got 6g of protein and are gluten-free and non-GMO. The aged white cheddar flavor reminded me of Smartfood popcorn.

Trophy Nut All Natural Cashews are deliciously roasted and flavored with just a bit of sea salt, and are totally addictive.

This was another great Fit Snack box, although I would love to see more packed in! Overall, a great value, and a great way to try healthy snacks that I wouldn’t otherwise consider. Get yours: