Training for Half Marathon #5: One Month to Go

Training for Half Marathon #5: One Month to Go

Half marathon #4 was so epic that I’m a little nervous about my next one, which is four weeks out.

The heat and humidity has been messing with my time trials, tempo runs, and interval runs. My long runs have been slower by 30 seconds per mile. This past Saturday, my training plan called for just six miles. Not surprisingly, because of the humidity, I barely plodded through it with SpeedyD. I don’t think any of us were feeling it that morning, no matter the distance.

Because I’ve been doing a barbell class on Thursdays, I switched my tempo run to Tuesdays. This morning, even with less humidity and a cooler overall temperature, I was still battling. This leads me to believe that:

a) I’m still not acclimated to Texas weather;
b) My recent inadvertent weight loss is messing with me; and
c) I need to worry about my nutrition game, not my training game, because (b).

Here’s how it’s going to play out until November 22, then:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10/26: CrossFit 10:27: Tempo Run 10/28: CrossFit 10/29: Barbell, Intervals, Yoga 10/30: CrossFit 10/31: 10-Mile Long Run 11/1: Rest
11/2: CrossFit 11/3: Time Trial 11/4: CrossFit 11/5: Barbell, Tempo 11/6: CrossFit 11/7: 12-Mile Long Run 11/8: Yoga
11/9: CrossFit 11/10: R&R Run 11/11: CrossFit 11/12: Barbell, Tempo 11/13: CrossFit 11/14: 6-Mile Run 11/15: Rest
11/16: CrossFit 11/17: Intervals 11/18: CrossFit 11/19: Barbell, R&R Run 11/20: 20-min Jog or CrossFit 11/21: Rest 11/22: HALF MARATHON #5!

As for my nutrition game, I’ve met with my coach, and she’s upping my protein intake and lowering my fat intake.We’ll see where I am in a few weeks, but you better believe that last week is going to be Carb Week, full of gluten-free pasta, burritos with extra guacamole, and the like.

Will I PR? Probably not. But for someone who wouldn’t have been described as an athlete four years ago, I’m really pleased with my progress.